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Forget the Mass Media. It’s all a joke.

Jordan Rathus, Step n’ Repeat, installation view at the Hudson Valley Center for Contemporary Art, 2013. Image courtesy of the artist.

Jordan Rathus, Step n’ Repeat, installation view at the Hudson Valley Center for Contemporary Art, 2013. Image courtesy of the artist.

Jordan Rathus’s exhibit, Based On, If Any, offers at once an entertaining and critical approach to film, reality TV, and the game show genre. She inserts herself—an over-the-top version of herself—into the show as a mode of poking fun at the egotism and personalities typical of the acting field. Here’s Irena Jurek’s take on the exhibit at the Hudson Valley Center for Contemporary Art:

What do you think? Does this work make you see things in a different light? Please leave comments below:


Jacolby Satterwhite is Next

Get used to seeing Jacolby Satterwhite's face. Image courtesy of the artist.

Get used to seeing Jacolby Satterwhite’s face. Image courtesy of the artist.

Exploding on to the scene at this year’s Whitney Biennial, we are excited to announce that even earlier this year NY Arts Magazine was one of the first to expose the rising talent of Jacolby Satterwhite. His body of work, Reifying Desire incorporates wild virtual landscapes built on drawings Jacolby was handed down from his mother. Jacolby situates video of his own performances within these landscapes, embedding his own creativity in an imagined world that takes it’s shape from his mother’s mind. A still from this work took the cover of our recent Winter issue, which is still on the magazine stands. See the online version of our interview with him here: This quiet, focused up and comer is poised to rule next wave of global Art Fairs and markets. We had a great time interviewing him and discussing his inspiration and talent.



Great Snail Mail Support

Myself and everyone here at NY Arts were very pleased to find a couple hand-written notes in the mail from valued artists we have worked with recently. In such a computer-driven time, it warms our hearts to see people take the time to post a letter just to say thanks. Please see below:

Dear Mr. Lubelski,
Thank you very much for presenting beautifully my artwork on the pages of your New York Arts Magazine. I really like to paint beautiful architecture, particularly the sacred one, so your choice was good …
 All the best to you, to your family and to your co-workers.


P.S. I hope you will be willing to publish more of my artwork in the future. I am working on paintings of NYC now.

I was part of the October Artists From Home & Abroad show at Broadway Gallery.
I would like to thank you for the exposure at this stage in my art career.
Happy Valentines Day,



Goodnight, Pete

It’s been three short days since we lost musician and legendary activist Pete Seeger, and the time to spread his message could not be more urgent. With unrest growing rapidly in places like Syria, Ukraine, Myanmar and many other places throughout the globe, we could all take a little time to reflect on what is really important; to put down our weapons, let go of our angst, and all join up in song. It sounds idealistic, but for Pete it was a way of life.

We can think of very few who are equally wonderful role models. Feel free to listen to one of his most cherished songs, Goodnight, Irene as you add your thoughts and comments below.


‪Innovative Ileana

When it comes to the business side of things, similar to high-power positions in many other industries, for one reason or another there seem to be far too few women at the top of the art world.

MoMA has recently prepared to launch an exciting exhibition from the collection of top-crust dealer ‪Ileana Sonnabend‬. Recognize that name? You should. Sonnabend’s Gallery was instrumental in exposing major 20th century art connections between Europe and the United States, beginning in Paris and soon moving in to multiple locations across NYC.

Few women have ever been so influential in the art world, but in the near future we imagine it’ll be common to add the names Mary Boone, Paula Cooper, and Barbara Gladstone to this upper echelon of female tastemakers.

What other names would you suggest?
Please add your comment below:


Paddle 8 Hosts Benefit for Typhoon Haiyan

When disaster strikes, everyone has to band together to lend a helping hand. Especially when we don’t usually find time to lift one another up, its refreshing to see this kind of humanitarian concern from the art world: Paddle 8’s auction to benefit Typhoon Haiyan’s victims features the work of:

Featuring: Samuel T. Adams, Brian Alfred, Tomer Aluf, Michael Anderson, Noah Becker, Erik Benson, Sarah Bereza, Katherine Bernhardt, Per Billgren, Lisa Blas, Paul Brainard, Erik den Breejen, Kadar Brock, Amanda Browder, Ethan Browning, Maria Calandra, Emily Chatton, Andy Cross, Emily Davidson, Paul DeMuro, Eric Doeringer, Benjamin Dowell, Austin Eddy, Alison Elizabeth Taylor, Rachel Mijares Fick, Matthew Fisher, Dawn Frasch, Amanda Friedman, Jim Gaylord, Jackie Gendel, Rebecca Goyette, Jenna Gribbon, Debra Hampton, Sarah Hardesty, Jack Henry, Shara Hughes, David Humphrey, Scott Indrisek, Samuel Jablon, Aaron Johnson, Mi Ju, Ambre Kelly, Will Kurtz, Emily Noelle Lambert, Katerina Lanfranco, Erika Langstroth, Kristina Lee, Stuart Lorimer, Lauren Luloff, MaryKate Maher, JJ Manford, Nathan Manuel, Christian Maychack, Matt Mignanelli, Christian rex Van Minnen, Nick Naber, Piero Passacantando, Sirikul Pattachote, Don Porcella, Kanishka Raja, Caris Reid, Duke Riley, Jean-Pierre Roy, Lisa Sanditz, Tom Sanford, Gretchen Scherer, Kristen Schiele, Nikki Schiro, Ryan Schneider, Stacy A. Scibelli, Michael Scoggins, Sandra Sitron, Elisa Soliven, Alfred Steiner, Trish Tillman, Nicolas Touron, Jade Townsend, Russell Tyler, Chuck Webster

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